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About Us

About Us

b.good is a high end gourmet bakery concept, building on the rich experiences of the baking chefs from fancy culinary schools, mouthwatering, fresh-organic ingredients from all around the globe, we aim to design and craft products that will be new to market as our signature range, in addition to the normal basic range offerings.

Our Philosophy

Life is changing dramatically all around us every day…every minute…everywhere, humans strive to secure themselves better lives, homey shelters and happy families. In so many cultures, warm houses, healthy kids and happy households always rotated around mommy’s kitchen.

The fresh warm smells of baking’s from her oven was a symbol of a happy blessed family, As all early birds risers, she rise up with the sun… to put love with butter and flour, to bake life for you The idea of starting our days -as much as- early, always draws a smile on our faces just knowing that we will deliver that happiness to you, we are all there for that.

b.good Manifesto
``Every act of goodness is born from our desire to be happy.``

As Happiness is a choice, Goodness is a choice

An eternal challenge between good and bad We all were raised trying to be good,
being the “good boy” As “good” sounds as a very simple term, yet -HUGE- in meaning

But what exactly is good?
You know what is good by heart, just follow.

If things were to be listed either good or bad, make
sure that you always fall on the good side, as it can be good, be the good

We believe that goodness is what stays and remains.
Goodness In all its shapes and forms and meanings